What is 'Marketing Kit'?

Many companies waste time and money on poor marketing choices. 
Every organisation should have someone on their team who has marketing skills and knowledge -  if there isn't - the business will be missing out on opportunities. 

Marketing Kit will teach you or your staff what you need to do and give you the advice and support so that the business can flourish and prevent unnecessary waste of time and money.

This is a unique training and support program for employees and/or business owners. 

Not only does Marketing Kit provide professional development, it also supports and helps businesses to attract new customers and generate additional sales from your current customers through teaching, coaching and supporting employees via easy to access online webinars, a marketing help desk and lots of useful resources.

Marketing Kit is the only program that can both transform a business and provide professional development to employees.

Join Marketing Kit today to learn how to create a marketing formula for your business that generates growth!

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Get the Marketing Kit

If you haven't someone that knows marketing in your business you will be missing out on opportunities! 

Learn how to grow the business and gain a competitive edge through this unique program and support solution, whilst developing your own skills!

Great value for money

£49 per month - No contract and affordable. 
You or your employees will learn how to attract new customers and gain more from existing customers. 

Businesses waste thousands a year on poor marketing choices - avoid this by joining today! 

We give to charity

 Our passion is  to help people and businesses to thrive and we also want to help the community.

So, we donate 10% of our membership fees to charity. So while you are growing through our program -  we are giving. 
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