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This is a unique package that has been designed to provide excellent value for money. 

For only £49 per month per person (that is less than £1.70 per day!!) via monthly subscription plan or an annual fee of £490 for 12 months (saving you £98) Marketing Kit includes:
  • One themed live online training session per month. For those who can't attend the session will be recorded so that you can access it at your own convenience. 
  • A marketing assessment that allows you to think through the areas of where you need to focus your efforts and then move on to create a plan and measure yourself and the business against the plan
  • A dedicated helpline  to ask a marketing consultant advice
  • Access to marketing resources such as planners, templates and systems
  • E-Bulletins full of information on free resources and how to's
All training and advice is delivered by a highly experienced, friendly and approachable marketing professional. 

Also 10% of our membership fees go to charity via our 'Growth to Giving' scheme.

Annual Payment
£490 per year (saving £98)

Monthly Payment
£49 per month, no contract

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