What do you get for your money?

We give you the know how and the tools that you need to develop and deliver a marketing formula that will attract customers and get the most from them!

Marketing Kit will ensure that you have the right skills, knowledge and resources that will help your business to fly.  This is a unique program that will coach and support you or a member of your team to help you to attract business and generate more revenue. Designed by small business marketing expert Alexandra Gates and supported by a range of specialists, Marketing-Kit is not only a training program but a consultant that will help your small business to thrive.

A marketing assessment and continuous measurement

Once you subscribe you will receive a link to an online assessment survey which will take you around 10-15 minutes to complete.

The assessment is vital for you to complete so that you understand where your business is now and what your current level of marketing knowledge and skills are. 

This will provide the starting point for you to build a marketing formula and learn how to deliver it through this training program.

You will complete a monthly assessment to measure how well you are doing against the program and identify the areas that you need to concentrate on.


Our online Masterclasses,  last around two hours and cover a huge range of subjects relating to marketing, attracting customers and generating sales.

Each month Marketing Kit members will be invited to attend a live online masterclass that will cover a new subject relating to marketing and driving business growth. The session will be recorded, so that if you can't make the live webinar, you can access and watch the recorded version at anytime.

These sessions are 'How to's' and are designed so that you are able to take action straight away and generate value from what you have learned.

There are core themes that run every month which take every individual up to a level where they can comfortably make strategic decisions and deliver day to day marketing tactics that will help grow their business and add huge value. 

All presentation material will be sent out to all Marketing Kit members.

Resources and tools

The key output for Marketing Kit is a marketing strategy that you will deliver that results in growth. You will not only learn how to create a marketing formula that works but also be given the right tools and skills so that you can deliver against it.

Every great small business marketer needs to have the right tools in their toolbox and we will ensure that you have access to the best resources possible to help you on your way.

As part of our free subscription you can gain access to a limited number of resources, but as a member you will receive templates, planners, worksheets and access to free systems that we will send out regularly, ensuring that you receive great value for money.

Helpline and continued support

This is where we go one step further to a standard training provider - we provide consultancy support to you direct - all as part of your monthly fee!

If you do have a burning question about marketing , whether this is how to construct an email, whether you should advertise or how to develop a website - you have access to our helpline where we aim to respond back within 24 hours.

No more wasted marketing efforts as you will get advice and help direct from a highly experienced marketing professional.
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